The “Serial Travelers” project was born from the passion of traveling of Sasha.
The site was born shortly after our trip to Japan in 2015, which triggered Sasha’s desire to tell his adventures around the world.
Combining his passions of travel, video making and internet addiction was born this blog.
With a big help from Mayra, publishing and she also serial traveler, we conclude the circle.
The name Serial Travelers, was born in a joking way.

Mayra tells:
We were looking for a name for the site, as the one used on the facebook page already existed as a domain name.
At one point, during the brainstorming, Sasha begins to “pick his nose”.
I jokingly tell him: – “What are you, one serial nose picker?” –
And then from there we started to searching for words that they were comfortable with Serial.
We could say that is a bit ‘trivial as name, but … ci stà tutto.

Who We Are


My name is Sasha, first of all I’m a Serial Traveler and the Web Master of this site. My passions are varied: Traveling, Eating, discover new things, Juggling. My favorite phrase is ” The Wind Rises, we must attempt to live.” I’m addicted to the internet and I’m not made to stay in the same place.


I’m Mayra. I was born in ’92 in Argentina (RN), I graduated in Graphic Design in Italy (FI) so, I try to make visually appealing everything you find here. Along with Sasha, I travel to tell you our adventures through my articles.

My favorite color is green and my hobbies vary depending on the day.
But mostly, I like to draw.

My slogan? Memento Mori.