These videos, we don’t do them just to remember, but also to make others want to start to travel.
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This is a brief video of the places we visited in Japan.
With the On/Off technique, you’ll see the wonderful places that this country offers!

Suttsu it’s a fishing village in Hokkaido in northern Japan. In this video you will see small glimpses of the village and you can listen to the fun testimony of Sasha. ENG SUBs Available!

This beautiful aquarium located in Osaka, contains a myriad of fish and two magnificent Whale Sharks.
In this video you can peek inside this huge aquarium!

A semi-planned unboxing with a box from Japan sent by us. If like like us, you have no room in your suitcase for a myriad of souvenirs, send yourself a gift, wait two months and reopen the box of surprises!

Would you like to visit the museum of Studio Ghibli at a lower cost than the one found on-line? Perhaps this video will help you! There’s no harm in trying!

Studio Ghibli Museum, a dream come true! Unfortunately photos and movies were not allowed inside, but with our “help” you will see small glimpses inside!

Osaka, a beautiful city, I will show you the important places to visit.

Serial Travelers we will accompany you on the streets of Nagoya.

Serial Travelers want to share another travel video for the Giro D’Italia that passed near San Donato in Poggio, a little medieval town.